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The Montafon - A year-round destination

The Montafon is a valley between mountains, formed by glaciers and rising to the rear. But above all else the Montafon is unique. For between the rugged peaks of the surrounding Alps, there is a concentration of lively village life, cultural and historic attractions and traditional customs. Intangibles like hospitality and zest for life also dwell here. And so the Montafon is a combination of many things. A valley that is more than the sum of its parts. A valley for everybody. A whole.

Grüass di im muntafu (Welcome to the Montafon)

Allow us to introduce ourselves briefly.


Those of us who live in the Montafon are generally straightforward and appreciative of every guest. We are true to ourselves and live out our convictions. That’s what real closeness is. That’s what defines personal relationships in the Montafon. A sign of this is the informal yet respectful form of address (DU), which is keenly adopted by many people. Formal language stops being used above 1,000 metres in the mountains. Here in the Montafon, personal relationships are what count. That is why the Montafon goes a step further and lowers the threshold for the familiar form of address down into the valley. 

Check out our customs, our culture and our year-round tourism. The diversity that we can offer:

The Montafon, the most personal mountain experience and living environment in the Alps.

Let yourself to be inspired by our all-year-round destination and its four seasons.

They are right on your doorstep, look extremely imposing and like to be conquered. Those who want more than “just” to enjoy the panoramic views of Rätikon, Silvretta and Verwall at a leisurely pace can take on a new mountain in the Montafon every day.

Choose from a range of extraordinary mountain experiences: whether circling Gargellen’s local mountain Madrisa in winter on touring skis or exploring it on foot in summer on the old paths of the traders and smugglers. Or seeking an adrenalin kick on spectacular voia ferratas such as the Gauablickhöhle or being the first to leave your tracks in the snow at sunrise on the Hochjoch Totale. Or if you prefer, change down a gear on a snowshoe tour with insights into the long-forgotten mining age or on an unhurried hike past unusual art objects in the midst of the mountains.

Between tradition and modernity

Our village life combined with our customs and our culture

Whether consciously or unconsciously, you will certainly encounter a few special features in the Montafon during your time here. Perhaps it will be the Montafon Sura Kees, which is served at breakfast. Perhaps you will see women in the Montafon festival costume in front of church on a Sunday. Or perhaps you will hike past the pastures of the Montafon Steinschaf (stone sheep), without realising that it is a very special animal breed. Take a fascinating journey through the history of the Alpine valley!

Return on investment

The Montafon has the potential for good profits. The focus here is on year-round tourism. The Montafon has had visionaries for decades now.