We are happy to hear that you* are interested in the tourism region Montafon. 

Are you* interested in getting to know the Montafon in person? Then let's sit down together at a Montafon table, enjoy the regional specialities of the Montafon and talk about this most personal mountain experience and living environment in the Alps. Our valley is open for new things and ready to grow. It is happy to receive your investment. 

*Formal language stops being used above 1,000 metres in the mountains. Here in the Montafon, personal relationships are what count. That is why the Montafon goes a step further and lowers the threshold for the familiar form of address down into the valley. 

Your personal contact partner

"Compared to top regions in the Alpine region, the Montafon still has the potential for investments in innovative accommodation options in the hotel segment."

Arno Fricke, Managing Director of the Montafon Tourism Office from 1997-2013

Return on investment

The Montafon has the potential for good profits. The focus here is on year-round tourism. The Montafon has had visionaries for decades now.