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There are many visionaries in the Montafon.

In some places, it is the large crowds obstructing the future for a few visionaries. There are many visionaries in the Montafon. The potential of the valley also lies in this professional focus on qualitative and holistic development. 

High-quality stay tourism all year round. In order to meet this demand, the Montafon relies on sustainable development, regionality and hospitality. Unique mountain experiences offer both relaxation and physical activity. They contribute to a longer duration of stay and higher added value. 

The Montafon sells relationships
Formal language stops being used above 1,000 metres in the mountains. Here in the Montafon, personal relationships are what count. That is why the Montafon goes a step further and lowers the threshold for the familiar form of address down into the valley. 

The Montafon is “personal”

The Montafon offers its guests “the most personal mountain experience and living environment in the Alps”.
This valley is as popular for its people, its nature, its skiing areas as it is thanks to its easy accessibility by car, train or plane, its very good infrastructure and its well-preserved natural and cultural landscape. You can reach the mountains directly from every tourism destination in the Montafon. The living environment and mountain world are closely intertwined in the Montafon. It has a lot to offer. 

"The Montafon is predestined for all kinds of physical activities and also offers space for regeneration, refuelling and enjoyment. At the same time, it provides tremendous economic opportunities."

Michael Doppelmayr, Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The Montafon has great potential.

Annual Report – Tourism year 2018/19

1. Germany 284,256
2. Switzerland & Liechtenstein 82,305
3. Netherlands 44,019
4. Austria 39,991

Overnight stays in the Montafon in 2018:


November 17,437
December 150,316
January 314,634
February 394,874
March 340,569
April 69,068
May 53,684
June 73,343
July 201,355
August 225,722


Source: Echt Muntafu Issue 02 / 2018

Country Winter Summer
Germany 774,643 411,015
Switzerland & Liechtenstein 195,212 106,359
Netherlands 160,790 97,389
Austria 43,784 60,900
Belgium 26,923 18,575
France 27,603 17,270

According to the annual report of the tourism year 2018/19, guests from Germany are undisputedly in first place in terms of overnight stays. From Germany, guests from the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg are in first place in terms of overnight stays with 38.93%. 
49.13% of Austrian overnight stays are guests from Vorarlberg.

Annual Report 2019

In order to directly address the target group, the Montafon Tourism Office has identified five target markets in the countries whose inhabitants best match the target group as part of the brand strategy: they like to spend time in the mountains and have a preference for winter sports, have the corresponding purchasing power and can travel easily. The largest target market is our neighbouring country Germany with the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Berlin, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony. Switzerland is in second place with a focus on German-speaking Switzerland. This is followed by the Benelux countries Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg Austria is in fourth place with a focus on Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland. And France comes in 5th place with a focus on Alsace. 

Most of our guests' holidays are booked via online portals. Having your own internet presence and the associated possibility to book online is therefore the order of the day.

The general trend in the holiday sector is towards individually arranged trips and short holidays, which are spread throughout the year, more and more often also in the cheaper off-seasons. So guests can expect a wide range of offers and good service even outside the peak seasons.

Straightforward booking
When planning a holiday, the preferred accommodation is usually a hotel, closely followed by holiday flats. The most important sources of information for booking, apart from the websites of the accommodation and the reviews on booking platforms, are informative and inspiring websites of the holiday destinations. From the point of view of hotel and hospitality operators, it is therefore essential to present themselves online accordingly, to make key information accessible and to offer straightforward booking options.

Much appreciated diversity in the Montafon
These trends are also clearly noticeable in the Montafon: 53% of our guests now obtain information about their holiday online. A further 35% ultimately also book their trip via an online platform. In addition to the destination, the type of holiday is also becoming increasingly relevant for them – relaxation and physical activity are increasingly in demand here. In the Montafon, the tranquillity, the many hiking trails, the abundance of snow and the unique landscape and nature are particularly appreciated.

The average duration of stay in the Montafon was 4.09 days last year (2018/19). The trend continues towards shorter stays. 20 years ago, guests spent an average of 5.84 days in the valley. Particularly the summer is always used for short holidays. Guests stay in the valley for 3.56 days in summer and 4.62 days in winter. Gargellen continues to be the front-runner in the Montafon. Guests stay here for an average of 5.91 days. 

Four Montafon cableway companies, eight tourist communities, Stand Montafon, the Montafon economic community and the Montafon hosts are part of the Tourism Advisory Board. Together they have a lot to discuss, from the determination of seasonal times to tourism promotion and the expansion of mobility.

Twice a year, meetings are held in the form of workshops. Information is provided on the latest developments in the valley, suggestions are made and important topics such as year-round tourism are developed, thus creating impetus for current projects.

Quote from Manuel Bitschnau (Managing Director of the Montafon Tourism Office):

“I find the exchange between the various interest groups particularly valuable.”

Space is available. Structural areas from 3,000 to 12,000 m² are available in all Montafon communities in the most central locations. Space is developed. The existing sites are fully developed and have the appropriate zoning. Space is diverse. There are many possibilities for projects and locations.

As at: 2012/13

The Montafon is open and ready for new things. Representatives of politics and business are in favour of investing in hotel and commercial projects to strengthen the valley's position. On behalf of Stand Montafon (regional political institution) and the Montafon Tourism Office (regional tourism organisation), “Standortmarketing Montafon” (Montafon Location Marketing) supports investors in organising all official appointments – from the project presentation to the final building permit in the Montafon region and in the state of Vorarlberg.

Get in touch with us. The Montafon has the potential for good profits.