Snowshoe hiking on the Kristberg in Silbertal ...

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Experience a fascinating world of light, snow and ice on a snowshoe hike off the prepared trails. Whether your are alone or under way with a mountain, ski or hiking guide, moving along marked routes, allow yourself this touch of adventure.

The Kristberg and Bartholomäberg offer 15 marked routes with more than 120 km. In safe snow conditions, summit tours to Muttjöchle, Fellimännle or the Obere Wiese are also possible. These provide a very special experience and a one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the snowy mountains of the Rätikon, Verwall, Arlberg, ...

Schneesportschule Silbertal offers guided hikes (from 5 people and more) every week.

Do you need snowshoes? Or did you forget yours at home? Then you can rent them at Schneesportschule Silbertal or Intersport Montafon Silbertal.

Be active and simultaneously experience the calm and strength of nature.

For many people, a true experience of the winter landscape is only possible with snowshoes. Of course, snowshoes are no recent invention. The native peoples of North America used them to prevent themselves from sinking deep into the snow.

Special attention should always be paid to wildlife. They should not be forced into a strength-robbing flight in the deep snow by our presence.

As soon as you strap on a snowshoe under the soles of your mountain boots and take your first unfamiliar step, you quickly realise that walking with snowshoes on even ground is child’s play. When traversing inclines, however, your ankles will need to have some flexibility.

Anyone with a certain amount of endurance and physical fitness can snowshoe. The length and degree of difficulty of the tour, however, should be adjusted to your personal abilities.

A special experience is the firn snowshoeing in the spring - give it a try and you’ll see why it’s so popular.

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