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M3 Montafon Mountainbike Marathon

Organisational information

Age groups and rules

General conditions for the M³ Montafon Mountainbike Marathon

Age groups

  • Male and female youth U15 (Mfit) 2009–2010
  • Male and female youth U17 (Mfit) 2007–2008
  • Male and female Juniors U19 (M1, Mfit) 2005–2006
  • Masters (Mfit) 1983 and older
  • Masters (Mfit, M1, M², M³) 1984–2004
  • Masters 1 (M1, M², M³) 1979–1988
  • Masters 2 (M1, M², M³) 1969–1978
  • Masters 3 (M1, M², M³) 1968 and older
  • Women (Mfit, M1, M², M³) 1984-2004
  • Ladies (M1, M², M³) 1983 and older
  • Licence class men (M1, M², M³) 2004 and older
  • Licence class women (M³) 2004 and older


Routes and route selection

  • M³ - extreme: 130 km, 4,500 vm
  • M² - challenging: 65 km, 2,400 vm
  • M1 - sporty: 40 km, 1,250 vm
  • Mfit - active: 29 km, 500 vm

The route selection must be made upon registration and cannot be changed during the race.


Time limits

  • Poly Gantschier, 1.00 pm
  • Landbrücke 12.15 pm. M³ racers that do not comply with the time limit at Stemerbrücke Zelfen will be taken account of in the M² scoring.
  • Partenen, 2.00 pm

All participants that reach the checkpoints later will be removed from the race and appear as “DNF” in the results list. The start/finish area can be returned to via the marked route.

M3 | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Stefan Kothner


Individual scoring: According to age groups
Team and company scoring: Sum of all kilometres achieved per team

Implemented by the company Raceresult.
The gross time is measured.

The conditions and competition guidelines (mountain bike) of the Austrian Cycling Federation apply. Helmets must be worn without exception throughout the race. Each participant rides at his/her own account and risk. The event organiser accepts no liability before, during and after the race (also in respect of third parties).

Race organiser rulings and conditions

The instructions of race management, route marshals, doctors and helpers must always be observed.Any external performance support is forbidden for the duration of the race. The use of support vehicles (including mountain bikes) is forbidden on the route in the interests of the athletes’ health and to protect equal opportunities. Violations of the competition rules will lead to disqualification. Disqualifications may be declared by the race management without right of objection in the event of irregularities or seriously unsportsmanlike conduct.

The event organiser reserves the right to deny participation in the event without specifying reasons.

The race management has the option of changing the routes or initiate a race termination due to weather conditions.

Possible scenarios:

  • Outbreak of bad weather, cold, storm and snowfall before the start -

        Shortening in TAZ 6 in Partenen (turning point), Kops and Bielerhöhe are not navigated.

  • Outbreak of bad weather during the race

        - Shortening in TAZ 6 - Kops and Bielerhöhe are not navigated
             - Bringing forward of the waiting periods
             - Race stoppage, Kops area - Return circuit via Ganifer. Scoring according to
                status at Kopssee dam or TAZ 06 - Observe instructions of the
                route marshals at all times - In the event of independent termination, no score


Use the official car parks:

  • Park centre underground car park
  • Car park at Zamang Bahn valley station

Race number distribution: Aktivpark Montafon, Schwimmbadstr. 10, 6774 Tschagguns

Opening hours Intersport

Intersport Montafon
Bahnhofstrasse 24, 6780 Schruns
Friday the 30th of July from 8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday, July 31st from 7.00 am - 5.00 pm

Intersport Montafon (rental shop)
Bahnhofstrasse 15, 6780 Schruns
Thursday and Friday (29th and 30th of July) from 8.30 am - 6.30 pm (tolerance up to 7 pm maximum)
Saturday, July 31st, from 8.30 am - 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm - 6.30 pm  (tolerance up to 7 pm maximum)

Start M3 | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Andreas Haller

Conditions of participation and rules of conduct

Conditions of participation

  • All participants must wear a helmet
  • The Highway Code is valid throughout the race. The roads are not closed and transportation, pedestrians and animals must be taken account of. Should an athlete violate the Highway Code, he/she can be disqualified by the race management.
  • Mountain bikes with mechanical support (electric bikes, pedelecs) may not be used (exception: Me pleasure tour).
  • Juniors are only permitted to take part in the M1 route. See the class division for details.
  • The start and end of the feed zone are marked with corresponding signs. Outside of this area, no drink bottles or rubbish may be discarded. Anyone who leaves rubbish on the racing track or throws it in the ditches, forest or on the grassland will be disqualified. (Please note: This condition will be reviewed by marshals “disguised” as race participants. There is no warning!)

Rules of conduct

  • Slower bikers must immediately clear the path for those overtaking
  • Confusing route sections must be carefully circumnavigated
  • On descents, be ready to brake and not just accelerate
  • Rectify defects at clear positions off the racing track
  • In the event of bad weather, every biker must equip themselves appropriately, we are located on high-Alpine terrain
  • A map with emergency numbers must be carried during the race or saved on the phone
  • First Aid obligation: The following racers are required to perform First Aid and immediately inform the next route marshal (where necessary, time credits can be granted)
  • Participants that end the race early must sign off with a route marshal or in the race office.
  • Organise safekeeping of the bikes
  • Return service in cases of defect cannot be guaranteed by the organisation, where possible, waiting periods must be accepted. Registration with route marshals or organisation management is necessary.
  • Breach of these rules leads to disqualification