Cashless payments during the Montafon World Cup

Quick and easy with the Montafon World Cup card

Montafon World Cup card? What is that?

The Montafon World Cup card lets you pay quickly and easily without cash during the event.

How do I charge the Montafon World Cup card?

Pick up a Montafon World Cup card at one of the staffed card charging stations and add the desired amount of credit. In other words, you will exchange your cash for a card. We will charge you a one-off card fee of € 1. You can also ask questions about the cashless system or report handling problems at the charging stations.

Where are these card charging stations?

The clearly marked stands are in the Alpin Sport Zentrale (open from 10.00 am on the opposite side of Hotel Löwen), on the concert grounds in the long tent in front of the stage and in the party tent (open from admission to the grounds until the end of the event).

How do I pay with the card?

You can pay with the Montafon World Cup card everywhere on the event grounds. Apart from at the card charging stations, we do not accept cash.

  • Hold the card up to the payment device
  • All transactions are processed in euro
  • Our staff will confirm the payment
  • The amount will be deducted from the amount of credit on your card
  • Subsequent complaints and cancellations are not possible
  • TIP: Before queuing up at the bar, for example, make sure you have sufficient credit on your card to avoid having to queue up twice. It is better to add a little more credit to the card and have it transferred back to your bank account later!

How do I know how much money I still have on the card?

Each Montafon World Cup card has a unique card number printed on it. By logging onto with this number, you can see your current credits and your payment history (requires internet access from your mobile phone). Alternatively, our staff at the card charging stations can tell you how much credit you have.

Will I get a receipt?

In accordance with the provisions applicable in Austria governing the obligation to use cash registers and issue receipts, you will be given a receipt for each transaction online at

How do I get my money back if I still have a credit on the card?

  • NEW! Cash payment on site: takes place on Friday, 13 December from 3 pm to 1.00 am and on Saturday, 14 December from 3 pm to 1.30 am at the Alpin Sport Zentrale.
  • Simply and easily from home
  • Log on to
  • Enter your data and bank information
  • Transfer the remaining credit on your card to your bank account online
  • The transfer of remaining credit to your bank account will become possible from 2.00 pm on 16 December 2019 to 12.00 at midnight on 2 February 2020 by when all Montafon World Cup transactions in the system are guaranteed to have been synchronised.
  • All transfers of remaining credit must be completed by midnight on 1st of February midnight.
  • Depending on the country, transfers may take several days or even weeks.
  • The card does not have to be returned.
  • For non-EU accounts, we reserve the right to comply with any processing and service charges.


Are my data secure?

Absolutely! Only the most modern technologies and encryption methods are used. Reliability and data protection take top priority. You can find more information about our privacy at:


What happens if my card is damaged?

No liability can be assumed for visitors failing to handle the cards carefully and properly (e.g. damage, loss or theft).


Can I have my card blocked?

Contact the staff at the card charging stations if you have lost your card. We cannot assume any liability for the time between the card being lost and the card being blocked at the charging station. Take good care of your card!