What do you need to consider with regard to coronavirus during your holiday in Austria?

Covid-19: Current situation (20 November 2020)

Dear visitor,
we are very happy that you want to spend your holidays in Vorarlberg! Your health is our most important concern since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-CoV-2 pandemic). With weekly testing of more than 2,000 tourism employees as well as comprehensive protective measures in the companies, we have been able to guarantee a safe holiday in Vorarlberg and the Montafon in recent months.

Here is our summary (as of 14.11.20)

  • Exit restrictions (for the time being up to and including 26 November 2020): The exit restrictions, which currently only apply at night, will be extended to cover the whole day from next Tuesday. It will still be possible to drive to work, buy "basic goods" and go to medical care. Outdoor activities for "physical and mental recovery" will also be allowed, such as walking and individual sports. The care of persons in need of support is also covered by the exceptions, as are visits to cemeteries, religious institutions or animal care, as well as for the prevention of immediate danger to life, limb or property.
  • Contact restrictions: The rules on meetings with persons not belonging to the household are significantly tightened. It is now only permitted to go out for meetings if it involves contact with the partner or "with individual close relatives" or "individual important persons with whom contact is usually maintained several times a week". Family meetings are not permitted.
  • Public places: In public places, all persons not living in their own household must be kept at a distance of 1 metre. When meeting in closed public places, the 1-metre distance must be kept at a distance of 1 metre and a mouth and nose protector must be worn. Birthday parties, anniversary celebrations are prohibited.
  • Kindergartens and compulsory schools: Schools are changing completely to distance learning - after the upper grades - now also the entire compulsory school sector. Kindergartens will have an emergency service and schools will be able to provide childcare when needed.
  • Tourism, catering and leisure businesses: The existing entry bans and closures will be extended up to and including 6 December and the collection of food and drinks will only be permitted until 7:00 pm, delivery services will remain permitted around the clock.
    All hotels and accommodation facilities will remain closed for tourist purposes; only business trips that cannot be postponed will be permitted. Events remain almost completely prohibited, exceptions are made for demonstrations, religious events, party and political events, among others.
  • Retail trade and services: Trade is closed with exceptions. The entire food trade and health sector, agricultural and animal feed trade, petrol stations, banks, post offices, mobile phone shops, tobacconists, waste disposal companies and bicycle and car repair shops remain open. Opening hours will be limited to 6.00 am to 7.00 pm. All "body-related services" will remain closed, including hairdressing and cosmetic studios and massage practices.
    According to information given at the press conference, retailers will be reimbursed for part of the loss in sales, more details will follow as soon as possible.
  • Workplace: Wherever possible, work will be done in the home office. If neither the 1-metre distance nor other protective measures are possible, the wearing of a mouth and nose protector is mandatory.
  • Sports and leisure: All sports facilities for amateur athletes will be closed, including those where there is no physical contact. All contact sports in recreational activities are prohibited, including football. Individual and recreational outdoor sports will remain allowed, as long as there is no physical contact. The professional area remains upright.
    All leisure facilities such as fitness studios, swimming pools, museums and museum railways, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, cabarets, zoos, amusement parks and amusement parks remain closed.
    Events are prohibited (including cultural events, sporting events, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and Christmas markets). Rehearsals and artistic performances without an audience for professional purposes are excluded. Wedding at the registry office is only possible in exceptional cases.
  • Hospitals, retirement and nursing homes: In hospitals, only one visit per week and patient is possible. Pregnant women may be accompanied by one person before and after the birth, minors and persons in need of support by two persons. Employees must take a coronavirus test once a week. In nursing homes, too, only one visit per week and resident is possible.
  • Funerals and religious practice: As before, a maximum of 50 people may attend funerals, subject to the minimum distance rule and MNS obligation. Mouth and nose protection must be worn indoors in religious communities.
  • Public transport: Public transport can be used. In public transport and at underground stations, bus stops, airports, etc., mouth-and-nose protectors must be worn and kept at a distance of one metre.
  • Carpools and taxis; cable cars: Carpools and taxis may only be used if there are only two people per row of seats (including the driver). A mouth and nose protector must also be worn. Exceptions are made for transports of kindergarten children or for transports of people with disabilities if this is necessary due to the number of passengers and when boarding and alighting.
    Cable cars, gondolas & lifts may not be used for leisure purposes.

Source: Austrian Federal Government
All information is subject to errors and topicality!

  • Information about the Corona test offer in the Montafon: The existing test offer (subsidised tests & private tests) will continue as usual.
  • Info on the pick-up and delivery service in the Montafon: Numerous restaurants in the Montafon offer a pick-up and delivery service. The latest list is available for download HERE. Many establishments also offer this service at lunchtime.

What is the traffic light system in Austria?

The Corona traffic light is an instrument for a uniform, coordinated and transparent approach by the government. It provides information on the risk in a given region and also on the possible measures that will be taken.

This is how the traffic light works:

  • Accurate monitoring of key indicators at federal, state and district level
  • Expert Committee to assess the situation on the basis of indicators and contextual factors and make recommendations to policy makers
  • Alert level is set
  • The measures shall be implemented as required

4 colours of the traffic light and their meaning:

  • Green: low risk; individual cases, isolated clusters
  • Yellow: medium risk; moderate cases, mainly in clusters
  • Orange: high risk; accumulation of cases, no longer predominantly due to clusters
  • Red: very high risk; uncontrolled outbreaks, widespread dissemination

Corona dashboard of the province of Vorarlberg

Current Covid-19 statistics of all of Vorarlberg

Please note: we have researched all our information with the utmost care. Nevertheless, due to the current rapidly changing circumstances, we cannot assume any guarantee of accuracy.

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