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Our rain magic program

Bad weather, bad mood? Not in the Montafon

Excursion tips for rainy days

Our rain magic program for beautiful moments, in any weather

Even when the sun hides it face, there’s still lots to see, experience and enjoy. Alongside the Vorarlberg museums and attractions, you will find a diverse alternative itinerary for your holiday in the Alps in the Montafon from Aktivpark Montafon to the indoor swimming pools.

Art & Culture

Besichtigungen & Ausstellungen


The four museums in the Montafon

Montafon Museums

Museum Frühmesshaus Bartholomäberg | © Montafoner Museen

Museum Frühmesshaus

A unique panoramic view over the valley. A place that tells the history of the Montafon settlement.
Heimatmuseum Schruns | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns - Andreas Haller

Montafoner Heimatmuseum

The Montafoner Heimatmuseum in Schruns is one of the oldest of its kind in the entire Alpine region.
Bergbaumuseum Montafon | © Montafoner Museen

Bergbaumuseum Silbertal

Gives insights into the exciting world of mining in the Montafon during the 15th and 16th centuries.
Historische Jasskarte Montafoner Museen | © Historische Jasskarte Montafoner Museen

Alpine- and Tourism Museum

The museum is located in the old Frühmesshaus and has existed since 1992.
Got curious? You'll find more here!
All Museums & Attractions


Bücherei in der Volksschule (in den Vorarlberger Sommerferien geschlossen)
T. +43 5552 67134
Hnr. 124, St. Anton i. M.

Games, Fun & Action

Activities together with children

Real nature children on dicovery tour

Playfully hike the southernmost valley of Vorarlberg on nine children's hiking trails

© Montafon Tourimus GmbH Schruns, Daniel Zangerl

Children’s hiking trails  

The “Muntafuner Gagla Weg” (children's hiking trail)

Find out more

Grey skies, thick clouds, rain?

The perfect day to go out into nature

5 tips & tricks that will quickly make you forget the bad weather again

  • Nothing works without good footwear - waterproof and non-slip footwear provides the right grip even in wet conditions.
  • Onion principle in jacket selection - thin to thicker and rainproof jackets adapt optimally to the temperature and weather conditions.
  • Enjoy nature! - Feel the uniqueness of mountains, forests, meadows with all your senses.
  • Rejoice! - Have fun enjoying the beauty of nature to the fullest.
  • Optimal tour choice - adapt your route to the weather forecast. The basic rule is: avoid terrain in rainy weather and choose routes close to the valley.

Wellness & Relaxation

Frisiersalon Exklusiv
T. +43 5556 73536, Renate Piesl, Dorfstr. 29, Vandans

M. +43 664 5186767, Kerstin Sturm, Rellstalstr. 16, Vandans 

Frisörsalon Trend Style
T. +43 5556 72069, Märk Rinner OG, Dorfstr. 39, Vandans

Creativ Hairstyling Kolibri
T. +43 5556 73920, Andrea Säly, Rasafeistr. 7a, Tschagguns

Friseur Bettina Battlogg
M. +43 677 63192513, Bettina Battlogg, Silvrettastr. 131, Schruns

Friseursalon Coiffure Velly
T. +43 5556 72716, Velly GmbH, Batloggstr. 97, Schruns

Haarstudio Crazy Hair
T. +43 5556 74040, Elke Franzoi, Außerlitzstr. 7, Schruns

Ihr Friseur
T. +43 5556 72128, M. +43 699 11774614, Dragomirka Barac, Bahnhofstr. 5, Schruns

Sprenger-Der Frisör
T. +43 5556 72813, Alexander Sprenger, Dorfstr. 3, Schruns 

Mägis Haarstudio (Bild)
T. +43 5557 6345, Magdalena Lechthaler, Hnr. 36, St. Gallenkirch

Friseur Georg Lebenich
M. +43 664 9195577, Dorfstr. 8b, Gaschurn

Schö si.. by Carmen
wohlbefinden.at, T. +43 5556 77951, Carmen Hollauf, Brunnenfeldstr. 30, Silbertal

Kosmetikstudio Samia OG (Bild)
samia-kosmetik.at, T. +43 5556 74466, Latschaustr. 1, Tschagguns

Kosmetik Evita
kosmetik-evita.at, T. +43 5556 76792, Annette Fussenegger, Silbertaler Str. 1, Schruns

kosmetik-sonja.at, T. +43 5556 75174, Sonja Gerstmayr, Batloggstr. 36, Schruns

Kosmetik Nina 
pension-ganeu.at, M. +43 664 5035092, Nina Faninger, Innere Gostastr. 11c, Gaschurn

Auf Voranmeldung kannst Du auch in den Montafoner Hotels eine Kosmetikbehandlung genießen:
Montafoner Hotels

Birgit Mattle
M. +43 664 2736088, St. Anton Hnr. 127, St. Anton i.M.

Massagestudio Gertrud Flatz
M. +43 650 6904309, Hnr. 193, St. Anton i. M.

Stephanie Slovik-Scheibenstock
ihre-masseurin.at, M. +43 664 4313495, Glusavinastr. 1, Vandans

Gerd Mangeng
M. +43 650 3737733, Panoramastr. 30, Bartholomäberg

Marissa Säly
marissa-saely.com, M. +43 664 5253558, Dorfstr. 27, Silbertal

David Engstler
david-masseur.at, M. +43 650 5356568, Dekan-Ellensohn-Weg 3, 6774 Tschagguns 

Hana Weichsel (Masseurin und Schmerztherapeutin) Auf Anfrage im TUI BLUE Montafon
T. +43 5556 20800, Schwimmbadstr. 3, 6774 Tschagguns

Medi Massage Montafon
medi-massage.at, M. +43 664 2614741, Ewald Hofmann, Batloggstr. 36, Schruns

Praxis Alpina (Ärzte- und Therapeutengemeinschaft)
praxis-alpina.at, M. +43 677 63028810, Ramona Rudigier, Bahnhofstr. 34, Schruns


Auf Voranmeldung werden auch in den Montafoner Hotels verschiedene Massagen sowie Heilmethoden angeboten:
Montafoner Hotels

Montafoner Cuisine

Pure taste experience!

The culinary diversity of Montafon

From mountain breakfasts to Sura Kees tastings - Montafon cuisine knows no culinary boundaries.

Discover unique gastronomic establishments and their world of pleasure, various tastings that offer an unforgettable culinary experience, and the finest recipes for recooking.

Palate explosions guaranteed!

Click here for more information on Montafon culinary delights.

Breakfast in the Montafoner mountains

The perfect way to start the day.

On different days of the week, a total of ten Alpine restaurants and huts invite you to a mountain breakfast. Whether small and fine in the Alpstöbli Tafamunt or in one of the largest mountain restaurants in the Alps: Let yourself taste it against a unique mountain backdrop!

To the mountain breakfast


Let's to shopping!

Explore the dreamy inner cities in Vorarlberg for your unique strolling experience.
Cosy cafés in Feldkirch, Bludenz, Hohenems, Dornbirn or Bregenz invite you to linger.

Winter ist coming...

snow is falling

Montafon Weather

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Your window on us in the Montafon


2.103 m, Vandans

Snow report

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Silvretta Montafon

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