Silbertal in Vorarlberg

Mystical legends in wild and romantic natural scenery

In the valley of silver, its many stones sparkle. The name of the mountain village refers to the time when precious metal was mined on the Kristberg 500 years ago. Silbertal is the perfect location for mystical legends in wild and romantic natural scenery. Here you will hear the tales about the Teufelsbach, the “night people of Silbertal” and the great magician “Kupferlari” – enough reason why the idyllic community becomes the theatre stage once a year. There is hardly a local person who has not taken part in this.

If you have refuelled adequately on Kristberg mountain, then you are ready to immerse yourself in the untouched and precious European nature reserve Verwall. The landscape that opens up in the upper Silbertal is expansive and unique. While hiking along the wild Litz, you will become familiar with one of the purest areas of Vorarlberg. True beauty is often concealed.

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World of myths

Montafon Legends Festival in Silbertal

When Montafon Legends Festival begins in summer at the end of Silbertal with the proclamation “Clear the open-air stage!”, the premiere will celebrate the mystical history of Pippino the alpine magician.

The Montafon Legends Festival thrills more than 4,000 audience members every summer. As each production is extremely expensive to put on, the plays are produced on a two-year cycle. “The first thing to do is to select suitable legends from the region. Next, the piece is rewritten for the stage, which involves us visiting the areas the stories come from in order to get a sense of how they look and feel. The essence of the legend is always retained,” says the festival’s artistic director Ewald Netzer.

As soon as the snow has gone, the rebuilding work commences on the site of the 20,000 m2 open-air stage, followed by the rehearsals. Including everyone who works behind the scenes to ensure a smooth production, up to 70 people - from sound technician to chef - are involved in each performance.

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Full moon legend hike in Silbertal

Immerse yourself in mysticism and customs with HERTHA GLÜCK, garnished with a 3-course culinary journey into the early era of the Montafon

Mountain experience “Mining in the Montafon”

Millennia of knowledge using archaeology and its methods (only in German)
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Lama trekking on the trails of miners

Get a bit closer to nature with lamas
© Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns

Muttjöchle: Vantage point for lovers of life

Breathtaking panoramic views on the Kristberg
Lamatrekking im Montafon | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Andreas Haller

Llama trekking on the trails of miners

Get a bit closer to nature with llamas
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Did you know that...

the Verwall is by far the largest European nature reserve in Vorarlberg?

Der Langsee im hinteren Silbertal | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Daniel Zangerl

“Given its size, many wild animals can find undisturbed refuge here.”

The entrance gate to Verwall

Setting off from Silbertal, you can immerse yourself in the unspoilt and precious landscape of the Verwall. At 120 km², the Natura 2000 region is the largest nature reserve in Vorarlberg and is even larger than four of the six Austrian national parks. Anyone who hikes through the European nature reserve might be lucky enough to come across one of the rare Alpine bird species such as golden eagles, peregrine falcons and rock ptarmigans.

“The Verwall offers a wide range of habitats – from the largest larch and stone pine forests in Vorarlberg to numerous bogs and lakes through to extensive pine, alder and Alpine rose bushes, colourful Alpmatten as well as rugged rock habitats,” says Christian Kuehs, Verwall Area Supervisor. Given its size, timid species in need of peace and quiet can find large, undeveloped areas that allow them to survive.

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Winterlandschaft Kristberg | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Christina Wachter

Große Kristberg Runde

mittelschwere Winterwanderung | 4,3 km | 2:00 Std. | ↗ 234 hm | ↘ 234 hm

Kristberg – Wasserstubental – Fellimännle – Erlebnisweg Litzbach – Silbertal

leichte Wanderung | 13,1 km | 4:09 Std. | ↗ 405 hm | ↘ 977 hm
Schneeschuhwanderung Muttjoechle | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Andreas Haller

Vom Kristberg auf das Muttjöchle und retour

mittelschwere Schneeschuhwanderung | 7,2 km | 4:00 Std. |
↗ 596 hm | ↘ 596 hm


mittelschwere Wanderung | 2,6 km | 0:50 Std. | ↗ 107 hm |
↘ 99 hm
Muttjoechle im Herbst | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns, Daniela Berloffa

Kristberg - Muttjöchle (2.074m)

mittelschwere Wanderung | 4,6 km | 3:45 Std. | ↗ 643 hm |
↘ 17 hm
© Montaofn Tourismus GmbH

Bergknappenweg Kristberg - Schruns

mittelschwere Wanderung | 12,2 km | 3:48 Std. | ↗ 169 hm |
↘ 922 hm
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Silbertal over the course of the seasons

Wetter im Montafon

St. Anton im Montafon
St. Gallenkirch-Gortipohl


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