Montafonertisch | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns - Andreas Haller

The Montafon table

A Montafon jewel

The Montafon tables designed with elaborate wooden decorations and a fine slate sheet are still mostly made by hand.

Herstellung Montafonertisch | © Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns - Andreas Haller

“Each Montafon table is a unique piece”

Age-old handicrafts

Very few carpenters are familiar with the production of the elaborate Montafon table. The knowledge relating to the 250-year-old handicraft was usually passed on from generation to generation. The business of Markus Juen from St. Gallenkirch can look back on decades of history. “For three generations, we have committed ourselves to carpentry with a lot of love for and dedication to detail,” says Juen, who, besides an apprentice, also supports senior partner Raimund where necessary in the business.

Elaborate inlay work

More than 100 hours of work goes into each elaborate table. The filigree wooden decorations, of which the colours and shapes can be chosen by each customer, form the start of the production process. “Each Montafon table is a unique piece and is manufactured precisely according to the requests and requirements of the customer,” explains the wood artist. Local woods such as pear, cherry, oak, beech, nut, elm and maple, which are stored and air-dried for up to 25 years before workmanship, are used for this. Does every carpenter have his own style? Yes, says Markus Juen, “You can recognise which business the Montafon table has come from by the inlay work.”

Slate as a coaster

The special part of an original Montafon table is its shape with four broken corners as well as the slate sheet in the middle. This is where the shared food pot was once placed and the Jassen (card game) score was noted down after the meal.

An eventful history

Old crafts are in demand. The pieces of furniture have already been delivered to South America, Australia and Japan, according to Markus Juen. Towards the end of the 18th century, the Montafon table experienced a genuine crisis: Only a few Montafon tables had been produced, the furniture almost fell into oblivion among the locals. When Otto Juen, the grandfather of Markus Juen, reintroduced the production of the table in the 30s and passed on his knowledge to his son Raimund, the Montafon table regained momentum – not least due to emerging tourism in the 60s.

According to him, the Juen family owns the oldest existing Montafon table, “This table is 200-years-old. In the room it is as stable and beautiful as it was on day one, despite its old age.”

The production of a Montafon table

Regional carpenters

This is where the real Montafon tables are made.

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