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Montafon idiom

a language as a cultural UNESCO heritage

An intangible cultural asset of the UNESCO World Heritage

The Montafon dialect is special amongst the Austrian dialects. Muntafunerisch is spoken and understood from St. Anton to Partenen. “Numerous names for places, rivers and mountains come from the Rhaeto-Romanic language. For example, Schruns, Gortipohl, Vallüla or Piz Buin,” says Michael Kasper. Terms such as Quatterpätsch (salamander) and Mormenta (marmot) also belong to this language family. The Rhaeto-Romanic language was replaced in the late Middle Ages by Alemannic German (due to the immigration of the Walser people, amongst other reasons) but today there still remain at least 200 relic words, figures of speech, and grammatical peculiarities as well as a broad inventory of phonemes that are almost entirely devoid of diphthongs (double vowels such as ai, ae, etc.).

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The farmers’ rules shape everyday life for the valley’s inhabitants

Our ancestors watched the course of the weather as well as changes in the flora and fauna very carefully for centuries in order to be able to make predictions. The accuracy of the weather forecasts has improved significantly in recent decades, but, thanks to the unique nature of the Montafon dialect, it is still worth taking a look today at the weather rules in Manfred Dönz’s book “Spröch und Spröchli osm Muntafu” (Language and sayings from the Montafon) - especially when theseasonschange.

Meteorology in Muntafunerisch (the Montafon dialect)

Muntafunerisch (the Montafon dialect)English
Tribts vôm Veltli, lôns Heu nu si, triabts gega Hal, mötam Heu of a Stall.If the wind comes from the south, leave the hay lying, if it blows from the east, it has to go in the stall.
Ds Kapäll hôt an Huat, mara ischts Wätter guat.The chapel (on Hochjoch) has a hat of fog, so the weather will be good tomorrow.
Lôsna, dr Schütvôgl rüaft nôch Räga.Listen, the finch is calling for rain.
Katz fressat Gras, z'Wätter tuat om.The cat eats grass, the weather changes.
Spôt Jôhr, grôt Jôhr.Later spring usually gives good harvests


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Special feature of Austrian dialects

“Embedded in Vorarlberg’s landscape of Alemannic-Swabian dialects, it is distinguished by its retention of so-called relic words,” says Michael Kasper, director of the Montafon Museum.

A small dictionary for our guests

The most important words for your holiday with us

Muntafunerisch (the Montafon dialect)English
Grüaß DiGood day

Guata margat

Good morning
An GuataBon appétit
Pfüat DiBye
Tiarer im MuntafuAnimals of the Montafon

Bipôldera - Schmetterling

Buschilismall cow
Quatterpätschalpine salamander
be dr Wandrigduring the hike


small wooden hut
Bätschlapine cones
a'heesnato wear
ahi keiafall down
trolato trip
noch dr Wandrigafter the hike
brôtastößigaching muscles


Montafon Weather

St. Anton im Montafon
St. Gallenkirch-Gortipohl


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