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Strudel with blueberries

With sweet filling or a spicy and sour version

Either with a sweet filling or a spicy and sour version - you can’t imagine Austrian cuisine without strudel.

The flaky pastry “strudel” has a long history. The thin dough originally comes from Asia: the Arabs brought it to Turkey via Egypt, Palestine and Syria. The Turks brought it to the gates of Vienna during the First Turkish Siege. The Viennese then discovered the completely unknown strudel dough from the prisoners primarily in the form of baklava. For the Turkish arm, the dish was a marching ration critical for survival because it kept for so long. In 1629, the word strudel appeared for the first time handwritten in a cookbook that can be found today in Vienna’s State Library. It varies from the old High German word “stredan”, meaning “in violent movement”. At latest by the 18th century, strudel had assumed a firm place in the Hapsburg empire and was served as a Viennese pastry in Empress Maria Theresa’s court. From Vienna, the strudel conquered the entire Danube monarchy and international cuisine.

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“The strudel pastry is carefully made so thin that it is transparent before baking but still does not tear.”

Strudel with blueberries recipe

Ingredients for a strudel with nine servings  
Duration: 90 minutes

Ingredients for the strudel dough
175 g wheat flour type 700, 65 g cooking oil, 25 g egg, 4 g salt, 100 g water

Ingredients for the strudel crumbs
65 g bread crumbs, 30 g liquid butter, 35 g granulated sugar

Ingredients for the filling
1,100 g Montafon blueberries (thawed or fresh), 80 g granulated sugar, 2 eggs, 40 g wheat starch, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 65 g cream

Recipe to print out (in German)


  1. Make all ingredients for the strudel dough and knead the dough thoroughly
  2. Make a ball out of the dough and coat it with oil.
  3. Let it rest for 30 minutes or, even better, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator overnight.
  4. Roast breadcrumbs in the pan and mix butter and granulated sugar together below the hot crumbs.
  5. Pull the dough very thin on a cloth dusted with flour and coat it thoroughly in butter.
  6. Sprinkle with strudel crumbs and add blueberries to half.
  7. For the filling, stir the eggs and granulated sugar into a froth, stir in wheat starch and cinnamon, then add liquid cream.
  8. Distribute the filling well, roll the pastry and press the left and right ends tightly.
  9. Place the strudel on a tray with baking paper, butter with liquid butter and back for 35 minutes at 200 degrees.
  10. Let the strudel cool, cut it and dust it with powdered sugar.

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